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We invest in the well-being of children living at or below the poverty line via a holistic approach.
By working with our beneficiary-children and their families in the 3 key areas of nutrition, education and medical care, we help relieve the families of financial burden, while at the same time enable the children to gain essential competencies and skills that will help them fulfill their potential.
Πρώτα το Παιδί Nutrition


  • Provision of daily, quality nutrition, focusing on elements lacking in the child’s diet that are essential for his/her development
  • Designing a detailed nutritional plan according to each child’s individual needs as prescribed by an overseeing nutritionist
  • Nutritional assessment to guide nutritional plan and help assess progress
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  • Provision of English language lessons and supplementary support to school according to needs (tutoring)
  • Educational courses & extra-curricular activities (i.e. sports) that enhance the health & physical well-being of the child
  • Covering other potential educational needs tailored to child’s talents and skills
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Medical Care

  • Preventive & curative medical care programs and regular monitoring by a designated pediatrician
  • Provision of vaccination in cases where it is not provided by the National Healthcare System for insured and uninsured families
  • Provision of medical exams and any other medical activity as needed



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We provide counseling to the family through frequent group sessions with the parents and specialized interventions with the children conducted by a trained psychologist. In addition to guiding parents to make best use of the services received, we also help them develop skills, competences and orientation to empower their children. Our main aim for parents is to help them assume an active role in empowering their children.

How We Help

To provide the best possible help to each child, we thoughtfully design and carefully implement the following 3-step plan. Improvements and adjustments are made in real time according to the progress of the activities and the needs of each family.
Creating a Profile

We evaluate and select families for inclusion in our programs based on financial and social criteria and relevant information provided through their application, supporting documents and an interview process. We then proceed to form a profile of the families and children so as to create a tailored action plan.
Taking Action

We consult with our nutritionist, pediatrician, educator and psychologist in order to plan our detailed intervention in each pillar for the family. Our team of experts advises us, forms a network with other professionals for referrals and monitors the use of products and services by the families throughout this process.
Monitoring & Evaluation

We gather information on how goods and services we provide are being used, both by the parents and children, through counseling sessions and also from partners and external associates. This information is used to assess the efficiency and progress of our intervention and make adjustments wherever needed.
> Achieving the nutritional standards set by the nutritionist
> Attendance in English language classes and/or afternoon classes for supplementary support to school
> Participation in sports training sessions and any other after-school activity
> Attendance at consultations with our pediatrician and any other medical doctors

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