Our Impact

“Empower children’s lives and they will be able to change the world”

Timothy Pina

What We Achieve

Improving children’s health through better nutrition, a more balanced diet, overall healthier nutritional habits, increased physical activities and sports as well as preventative and curative medical services.

Children are gaining essential competencies and practical skills, such as enhanced study habits, educational assistance and foreign language skills, in order to help fulfill their full potential.

Families are relieved of their financial burdens and the heavy stress related to making ends meet every day, which helps them focus on their children’s empowerment.

Our counseling and mentoring services and overall guidance are better equipping parents to empower their children and help them achieve their goals.

Families are gaining additional resources, such as goods and services from other professionals, organizations and initiatives, through our referral network.

By strengthening the family, we also strengthen the local community and economy, contributing to the long-term improvement of the community at large.
Everyday, substantial change into the lives of the families we assist
kg of fruits and vegetables
hours of English lessons
hours of parents’ education
speech & occupational therapy sessions 
dental treatments & procedures
Through our work, we support the United Nations’ sustainable development goals to help improve peoples lives
No Poverty Goal
Zero Hunger Goal
Good Health Goal
Quality Education Goal
Reduced Inequalities Goal

What We Measure

To ensure that our empowerment programs are working efficiently and making a difference in children’s and families’ lives every day, we monitor both participation and progress by measuring specific indicators, such as:
  • Nutrition

    Working with our nutritionist partners to ensure that nutritional habits are improving and foods essential for the health of children are being consumed.
  • Education

    Monitoring that children are attending their foreign language and educational assistance lessons and their sports and extra-curricular activities with our educational partners.
  • Medical Care

    Ensuring that children are taking full advantage of our dental care programs, vaccinations, and medical examinations under the guidance of our pediatric partners.

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