Donations in Lieu of Gifts

Give a donation in lieu of a birthday or nameday gift to a friend or loved one and we will send your gift’s recipient a personalized e-card



Are you looking for a special gift for someone’s birthday, their nameday, for Easter, Christmas or another holiday, a gift for a godchild or for a teacher, or a meaningful gift for a wedding or for a baptism? Make a donation to Πρώτα το Παιδί – Children First and we’ll send the gift recipient a special card letting them know how their gift is changing a child’s life!
If you’re hosting your own birthday, celebration or other special event, you can ask your guests to make a donation to us in lieu of getting you a gift and we’ll be sure to thank them on your behalf with a special thank-you e-card that showcases how their gift made a difference for a child living in our community.

Step 1: See all the e-card designs

Birthday Cards
Card 1
Card 2
Card 3
Nameday cards
Card 4
Card 5
Card 6
Cards for Christmas, Easter and all occasions
Card 7
Card 8
Card 9
Card 10
Card 11

Step 2: Select your card and fill out all the information so we can send the card to your gift’s recipient

We will personalize the e-card you select and send it to the recipient via email.

    Step 3: Choose your gift amount and make your donation

    A €10 donation

    A €10 donation provides a nutritious meal for a child

    A €20 donation

    A €20 donation provides 4 hour-long English lessons for a child

    A €30 donation

    A €30 donation provides a pediatric checkup for a child